60 Minutes



Improves skin texture. Lessen the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles or enlarged pores. Also suitable for treating pigmentation concerns when performed within a treatment plan and using prescribed homecare.


Does your skin feel dry or dehydrated? Does it look rough or lined at times? This treatment is the ultimate ``thirst quencher`` for your skin. This moisture boost is recommended for EVERYBODY.


An incredible kick start for any skin. This treatment brings your skin back to perfect health and optimises all its vital functions. Do you want your dull skin to glow again? We think the Energising therapy is precisely what you need.

Peels - LEVEL ONE: Glysalac

Next-level results, for any of your skin concerns! The combination of hydroxy acids will improve everything from acne - ageing and everything in-between. A level one peel perfectly combines with most facial therapies to enhance the results, or it's prescribed as a single 30-minute procedure.

Add Sothys Eye Therapy to any facial for $35


Customised Facial

Exactly what your skin needs! If you could wave a magic wand and fix your main skin concerns, this facial therapy is the beginning of that 'yellow brick road'. Perfectly customised including steam, extractions massage and mask: the results are impressive. You deserve amazing skin

60 Minutes


Teen Clean (13-19 Years)

Managing your skin in your teens can be hard, bypass all the fads and therapies that don't work and regain control.

30 Minutes


+ Skin Care Kit